Scandinavian Suburb

Depicting a generic environment in modern, urban Scandinavia. Have a look here to hear and see it in motion.

This is a part of an on-going, collaborative project together with the talented Finnish music producer J-Baggs / Yussie – based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It is always a great honor to visualize cover art for music in general and there was no exception in this case, which ended up with three songs produced by J-Baggs accompanying with illustrated covers and animated loops.



Another song produced by J-Baggs. Check out the animated loop here.


Illustration based on Yussie's creative process and environment. Check out the song on Soundcloud



A visual made for a song called 'Fanta' by the Stockholm based musician – PABI.

The brief was to depict a Gambian tea ceremony (attaya).

There was plenty room for creative freedom on my hands which ended with this image, completely drawn on an iPad.


The Stockholm based rapper Faal approached me to create a visual and help pay a tribute to the OG legendary rap artist - Slick Rick. 

I used Slick Rick's famous album cover as a reference and illustrated Faal in a Stockholm environment while trying to keep the original vibe of the original album.

Check out the song on Spotify.


Under Mangoträdet

Album cover commissioned by Faal. Check it out on Spotify.