6 in the Morning.
Working with VAX

In early 2017, I was honoured to get to know the Swedish musical trio – VAX and create the very first graphics for their music.

It’s been a great and fun challenge to experiment with a different style and illustrative approach.

‘FIREPROOF’ – Cover Art

The majority of this vector illustration for VAX’ single – ‘Fireproof’ was drawn on an iPad with an Apple Pencil and later cleaned up in Adobe Illustrator which opened a completely new door for me in regards to creating graphics.

In motion

Looping animation of the cover art.

‘Bubble Gum’ – Cover Art

The most recent visual that I’ve made is for this song.

The list of assignments has grown over time as their music has gained some popularity across the globe and the VAX trio has put out multiple singles that all require cover artwork and promotional graphics, which I’m more than happy to develop and experiment on.